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More Cheers for Ryan Miller than Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh!  

Before the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Buffalo Sabers met only two days after the Olympic Games break the Penguins honored all Olympic players and coaches involved in the 2010 Men's Ice Hockey Tournament on both teams rosters.

When they got up to the two Silver Medalist's representing the United States of American the Tournament MVP's name was announced. Ryan Miller!

The opposing teams player on the night of the game received a hefty and long standing ovation as so did Pittsburgh's own Brooks Orpik also representing the US.

When they announced and honored the Gold Medalist's from Canada Pittsburgh's own Marc Andre Fleury, the cheers were much less than Orpik and Miller.

Then they replayed the highlight of the game winning goal in Over Time called by Mike "Doc" Emrick in the Gold Game. Soon after the announcer went crazy announcing Sidneeeey Crosbyyyyyy! It sounded like the announcer was much more excited to say Crosby's name than his own fans were to cheer for him.

Of course you heard some cheers for Crosby showing respect, but Millers were much more louder and longer and I think you can tell by the expression on Crosby's face.

The fans of Pittsburgh did the right thing! No, the only thing that should of been done. When Miller played in the Olympics he was representing his whole country, and last time I checked Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is part of his country. Even if was wearing the enemy's jersey on the night of the game as a Saber. Way to go people of Pittsburgh!



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